The MFC Hoof Knives

MFC knives come in four different blade styles:
  • Long Double Curve Drop Blade
  • Short Double Curve Drop Blade
  • Loop Knife
  • Abscess gouge

And three different handle styles:

  • Regular
  • Special Grip
  • Long Handle

These blades are made with three different styles of handles, and in left and right handed styles.

All our blades are hand forged at the anvil from 1045 steel and the handles are individually hand carved from white mahogany wood. You will find these knives to be the sharpest available on the market.

Please use a diamond hone or diamond rat tail to sharpen your knife by hand. You may also use a flap wheel and a buffer to sharpen this knife to a very sharp edge. PLEASE DO NOT USE A FILE OR A ROUGH STONE. The steel is too hard; a file or rough stone will harm the the edge. After about a month of continuous use you will need to use a diamond hone to put a new bevel on the blade, as it takes about 100 horses to use enough of the edge to have to re-bevel it.

Long Double Curve Drop Blade Style

Short Double Curve Drop Blade

Loop Knife

Abscess Gouge
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