All Nippers come with a 6 month guarantee.

Hoof Nippers

The Hoof Nipper comes in the standard 12, 14, 15 and 16" sizes. The blade edge is hardened to Rockwell 65 hardness, the base of the blade to 60, and the handles to 50 (so they will not bend).
Price: $165.00
Half Round Nippers

The Half Round Nippers come in two different sizes - 10" and 14".

The 14" Half Round Nipper has 1" wide cutting blade for trimming dead sole and frog and for countersinking clips.

The 10" Half Round Nippers have 3/8" wide cutting blade for chasing hoof cracks, abscesses and cutting away diseased hoof.
Price: $203.00
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Nail Nippers

The 10" Nail Nippers come with 1" cutting blades.
Price: $140.00

Mini Nippers

The 10" Mini Nipper is made from H13 steel with 5/8" cutting blades which makes it easier to trim really small "Mini" horses.
Price: $130.00

One Handed Foal Nipper

The One Handed Foal Nipper is perfect for the horseshoer who works with a lot of foals. No need for a spring loaded nipper. The One Handed Foal Nipper comes with a 1" cutting blade.
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