Hot Fitting Shoe Tongs
Protect Yourself From Fall-out

You know what fall-out is: Fall-out is when you are just about to burn on a hot shoe and it falls out of your burn on tongs. By the time you get it picked up and ready to burn on again the horseshoe has lost its heat.

In order to prevent the annoying problem of fall-out we have made this hot fitting tong especially for you.

This hot fitting tong is made from 1045 steel because this steel can withstand repeated heating and cooling. It is hand forged at the anvil and, after finishing and polishing, it is fit to the horseshoe to allow a hand grip one to three cm wide, depending on the coarseness or fineness of the individual nail hole. It is also made so that you can use either end, according to your preference.

We expect that you will enjoy years of use from your hand made MFC Hot Fitting Tong.
Price: $60.00 2008  Web Design By: Jason Tyre